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Direct from Vision X's technical department technical documents and instructions on installing our products. We don't just sell the products, we use them too!

Side by Side Universal Relay Harness Installation

1. Installing the new HID bulb:
• Open the front hood or access the factory bulbs from inside the fender wells and remove outer bulbs from stock head light fixture.
• Install Vision X HID bulbs in fact

Side By Side Relay Harness Installation

HID-RELAY HARNESS for Side X Side vehicles

Vision X Universal Relay Harness Installation

This document shows you how to slow the flash of a turn signal due to a higher impedance bulb. Due to significantly less amperage draw from our 360 bulbs, the factory flashing unit becomes more efficient, increasing flashes per minute. A simple resistor paralleled into the turn signal circuit increases resistance on the circuit allowing factory flashing unit to operate at factory speed. The resistor needed is a 10 watt 15 Ohm.

Solstice Solo Installation Instructions

WARNING! – Only use included wiring to wire the Solstice Solo Series. Even though the plug is the same as other Vision X wiring, the Solo series has unique circuitry that can easily be damaged with wiring other than the included pigtail.

Installing Accessory Vision X Lights

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Vision Motor Sports lighting system.
We’ll show you how to install it like the professionals.

04 - 06 Polaris Ranger HID Installation

04, 05, 06 Polaris Ranger installation instructions for HID retrofit upgrade kit.

Please note: This kit requires the use of solder less connectors to factory loom “will not” plug into factory harness.

Installing HID Off Road Lights

Materials and Tools Required;

4 pin Relay ( included in lights)

12 gauge wire

16 gauge wire