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Reviews and testimonials from around the world, un-altered and presented in their original context, available here as a courtesy to ensure they are always available. All testimonials are property of their respective owners, Vision X has copied them here as a courtesy to our customers. Non-Personal use of the content without the permission of their respective owners is prohibited. Contact Vision X for more.

NASA Taking Xmitters into Space for a Visit to the Moon

NASA is testing a variety of lunar rover concepts that will help future astronauts explore the moon further than ever before, construct a long-term lunar base and conduct a wealth of science experiments. During the first use of such rovers on the Apollo missions, astronauts completed almost 20 traverses across the surface of the moon. With each successive mission, NASA improved the rovers’ capacity, increasing the number and duration of exploration missions astronauts could complete on the lunar surface. Concepts for a new generation of rovers, which astronauts will take with them when they return to the moon by 2020, are now being tested at sites around the country that have terrain similar to what might be encountered on the moon. One of these rover concepts is the Small Pressurized Rover, or SPR, that was unveiled in 2007. An SPR cabin prototype was then built and integrated with a rover chassis and completed for testing in 2008.

WanderingTrail.com: Tantrum

A friend of mine installed these on his TJ. Total time was only about 1 1/2 hours to install, most of that was looking for the mounting points. His first night run with these at first pulled a few laughs at the disco effect of the lights to his music. After the run his friends were asking where they could get some due to a few noted items. First being the soft light, that actually allowed people to see where the tire tracks were and where the tire's were actually driving on the rocks. The second being that when they got lost looking for a trail and finally found it he stayed to mark the trail and turned the lights to strobe. Everyone said it was so easy getting back to him, they could easily identify where he was.

Pre-Runner Maniac: Xmitter

Originally we were going to do a test between Vision X’s LEDs and our KC HIDs, but this is really not a true test. It is like comparing apples and oranges.

Francois Rossouw - RSG4X4KLUB, South Africa

I have to thank you for the opportunity to test these magnificent driving lights. The solid brackets you made, have eliminated all the vibration. Once I adjusted them correctly they work perfectly. However, when I load the vehicle heavily, it is so easy to4 correct the adjustment.
I have done 58 000 km in the Nissan Patrol since the lights were fitted and I must say that they have made the night driving considerably safer.

Broadcast Engineer for Charles Gibson Test Driving NASA's LER Prototype

I am a Network Television Engineer and was working on ABC World News with Charles Gibson yesterday at NASA. While shooting Charlie driving the prototype Lunar Rover at Johnson Space Center, I noticed your products covering the vehicle.  Thinking the NASA engineers had developed some very unique exterior lighting for the prototype vehicle, I asked them where those LED light bars came from.  They proudly said that they purchased them from an off road vehicle supply store and they were standard "off the shelf" products.  Impressed with what I saw, I found your website.

4x4Review.com Jody Campbell: Tantrum

120 LED's, durable sealed pods, and a retail price under $200 the Tantrum lighting system is definitely the hottest lighting deal on the market. The only recommendation I have for the Tantrum kit, is it could include 2 light pods designed as spot lights to throw some light out in front of the rig, and leave the other 6 as flood lights. Other than that, the kit is well designed, tough, and easy to install. If you're looking for the ultimate all-in-one LED light kit to give your off-road rig the perfect undercarriage lighting, give Vision-X lighting a call, or click on the below listed link to check out all the other lighting products they make for your rig.

Aussie Iron Rider: Warren Lovelace

The first test ride went well, the lights performed faultlessly throughout the day. The real test was at night. The Xmitter Lights produce a nice clean quality light, good flood, and the range seemed to be fine, but I still wasn't sure about the range. The LEDs were lined up next to the HID converted Polaris RAZR and surprisingly the HIDs were drowned out, even without all three Xmitters turned on. The range from the Xmitters was as good as the HIDs with so much more light in the mid-range. The Xmitters flood the mid-range with so much light you don’t realize how good the long range actually is.

Mark Newhan Motorsports, Vision X Sponsored Team

As for Vision X, "What can you say about Vision X, Vision X has had an overwhelming amount of success in the short time that they have been active in the sport", " many teams can attribute their Baja victories to the reliability of the Vision X HID racing light", It is easy to conclude that without such a racing light victories in Baja would not be possible", Mark said.

Mark Dougan: Xmitter

Would I get another XMitter bar? Damned skippy, I would. These things are the best thing in lighting ever invented and, with the longevity and durability of LED's, is certain to be the wave of the future. The bottom line is this: Usually when someone tells you something about a product, you order it and hope it lives up to at least half of their claims. This is probably the only thing I’ve ever seen that lives up to all of them, and then some.