TrailerCraft Case Study

Vision X Lighting solutions helped Freightliner of Alaska to increase their energy efficiency and cut electrical costs at their branch store and workshop in Fairbanks, Alaska. By switching from old inefficient lighting technologies to Vision X premium LED lighting technology in 36 of its interior and exterior lighting fixtures, Freightliner of Alaska was able to save 35,400 kWh and $9,200 a year while increasing light output by 30%. The increase in energy efficiency is also preventing the release of 24 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions from Alaskan coal fired power plants every year. About The Project TrailerCraft, also known as Freightliner of Alaska, is one of the leading truck and transportation providers in Alaska and maintains locations in both Anchorage and Fairbanks. In an effort to reduce energy inefficiency and cut costs at its branch store and workshop in Fairbanks, TrailerCraft was interested in replacing their store’s older fixtures with Vision X’s efficient LED technology. The Project At Hand The lot on which the TrailerCraft Fairbanks branch store and workshop are situated covers 25,000 square feet, a sizeable amount of which needs to be kept lit at all times for safety and convenience purposes. The retail store area itself covers 2,400 square feet while the workshop covers 6,200 square feet, and both areas must be kept well lit during business hours. Previously both of these tasks were accomplished with the use of old, inefficient 400-watt fixtures. All together the old fixtures consumed about 52,000 kWh of electricity per year, which thanks to Alaska’s high energy costs translated to an expense of $13,500 a year Developing A Solution To increase light output and alleviate the unnecessary costs being incurred at the TrailerCraft branch store and workshop, Vision X developed a comprehensive lighting solution. All 36 of the old 400-watt fixtures were removed and replaced with easy to install retrofit LED systems that could be simply bolted and plugged into existing hardware and wiring. Special Vision X Arctic rated power supplies also helped guarantee worry-free operation of the exterior lights in the harsh Alaskan climate. Energy and Cost Savings All told the upgrade to Vision X’s LED technology increased energy efficiency by 68% and reduced electrical consumption at the store by 35,400 kWh a year, which in turn reduced utility costs by about $9,200 a year. The reduction of energy costs alone will result in the cost of the upgrade being recouped in just under a year and a half, as well as producing $33,500 of total savings in 5 years. Maintenance Prevention In addition to pure energy savings, Vision X LED fixtures are reliable, sturdy, and weather resistant. Vision X LEDs are rated to last 50,000 hours, or nearly 6 years of continuous use, lowering the need for continual maintenance and replacement of lights. Vision X fixtures are engineered to withstand harsh environments, including mine sites, and stand up well to the harsh arctic climate of Alaska. The LED fixture housings are also IP68 rated, meaning they are completely protected from the ingress of dust or liquids. The reliability of Vision X technology means that TrailerCraft will spend much less time and money on replacing and maintaining lights in the future. A Comprehensive Solution Vision X lighting fixtures are not merely lighting systems, they are lighting solutions. They provide increased energy efficiency, decreased costs, and a lessened environmental footprint. In the case of the TrailerCraft branch store and workshop in Fairbanks, Vision X lighting solutions account for a savings of 35,400 kWh of electricity per year and reducing electrical costs by $9,200 a year. These energy savings also have a positive environmental impact, preventing the release of 24 metric tons per year of greenhouse gas emissions. Download