If you’re a part of the Marine world, then you understand that not everything survives the waters. The products that we classify as ‘Sport Marine’ come out of the box with extra protection to survive the seas. The marine-grade gloss coating protects the fixture from corrosion and other harmful elements encountered on the waters.


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LED Lights

Vision X Automotive/Offroad LED lighting runs at a 6000K temperature for intense, bright white light for increased visibility and safety. LED technology has many advantages over traditional lighting options, including low power consumption, no voltage spike at start-up, 50,000 hour life span, and increased durability with the absence of a bulb.

LED Light Cannon


White Marine Grade 4.5″ Light Cannon

The Vision X 4.5″ 25-Watt LED Light Light Cannon uses advanced IRIS reflector technology to produce 1,000 feet of usable light and is hous read more
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LED Light Bars

Vision X LED Light Bars come in a variety of sizes from 4” all the way to 52”. Our LED Light Bars have an extruded 6061 aluminum housing and are created from top-binned, perfectly crafted LEDs for a durable and highly effective LED lighting solution.

PX [Prime Xtreme]


White Marine Grade Xmitter Prime Xtreme LED Light Bar

Inside the Marine Grade White Xmitter Prime Xtreme are the

best 5-Watt LEDs obtainable.

Type: 5-watt
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LPX [Lo-Pro Prime Xtreme]


White Marine Grade Xmitter Low Pro Xtreme LED Bar

The Low Profile Prime XP is compact with double the light output of the 3 watt Low Profile Bar.

Type: 5-watt
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PX [Prime Xtreme]


White Marine Grade Horizon Prime Xtreme LED Bar

The Xmitter Low Profile Xtreme LED Bar excels at mounting into tight spots where normal bars won’t.

Type: 5-watt
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Automotive-Offroad Accessories

Vision X provides a full line-up of accessories that can bring more application to each light, as well as enhance a lights role on your vehicle. Add one of our many Accent Lighting products to your vehicle for usage as rock lights, undercarriage lighting, or just simply to turn a few heads. From Snap-On covers to sure-grip handles for several LED lights, there’s sure to be an accessory that can help light up your night.


Universal Pro Pods

Vision X offers a diverse line of accent pod lighting. Easily attract attention to your vehicle with the wide variety of colors. Each durable po read more
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Universal Pods

Tantrum kits are the ultimate strobe system on the market, featuring one of a kind LED pods that have lead the Tantrum kits to become popular fo read more
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4″ Subaqua 6 Led

The Subaqua is designed for transom lighting along with on docks and other underwater applications.

Type: 3-watt
Duty Rating: Underwater
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Strip Lights

When normal light just won’t cut it, Vision X has a wide selection of special lighting for many different applications. Each specialty LED li read more
Type: SMD
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Mounting Parts


Tow Hitch Mount

The Vision X 11.5” XIL-SRECEIVER is a backup light adapter for your hitch.

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The products that we classify as ‘Maritime’ come out of the box with extra protection to survive the seas. The stainless-steel brackets, copper circuit boards, and marine-grade gloss coating are all there to protect the fixture from corrosion and other harmful elements encountered on the waters. Additionally, each light in this range is rated for submersion of up to three meters.


Industrial / Marine Dome Light

For applications both large and small, the Marine Dome Light provides the right amount of light for the application.

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