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Why Xmitter

The Xmitter LED Light Bar was the original Vision X LED Bar. The Xmitter has been tested and proven by the best, including the US Border Patrol and NASA. The Xmitter is the best LED bar for applications where the most light is needed without all the frills, such as off-roading, commercial, and recreational use.

The Original Vision X LED Bar

Powerful Resume
The Xmitter LED Bar has been tested and proven on the dunes, the trails, and beyond. The Xmitter LED bar technology has been used by off-road racers, the United States Border Patrol, NASA, and others because it has been proven as powerful and durable in any application.

Multi Voltage Electronics
Since its introduction, we have added multi-voltage elctronics in order to increase lighting output, now taking input voltage of 9-42 volts.


Durable and Patented Design

Extruded 6061 Aluminum
The Xmitter features a 6061 extruded aluminum housing for ultimate strength and durability.

IP-67 Rated
The Xmitter has achieved an ingress protection rating of IP-67, signifying that it is dust-proof and water-spray resistant.

Proven Mounting System
The Xmitter utilizes the Vision X signiture stud mounting system that allows for 15° of adjustability and helps to control vibration through the use of isolated rubber in the mount.

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