Canadian Street Legal Products

In order for after market lights to be street legal in Canada they must be approved for use on road ways. While several different approvals are available, Vision X Lighting uses ECE’s E-Mark certification to get lights approved for Street Legal use in Canada.

Vision X Lights which are E-Mark approved have an E9 on the product. Vision X’s E-Mark testing is done in Spain, which uses an E with the number 9. Other countries such as Germany use a 1 or France a 2. But all are accepted ECE E-Mark, approvals for use on road ways.

Within ECE’s E-Mark approval there are sub classifications for application.


See which products are E-Mark approved, and their individual E-Mark approvals on the Vision X E-Mark Page:



It us up to the installer and\or vehicle owner to ensure that their selected light meets any Regional Government Agencies more specific requirements.

More from Transport Canada on Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard CMVSS 108: