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On any mobile or portable equipment, vibration is a leading factor in the failure of an LED lighting fixture.  From on road work trucks to heavy tracked equipment used in extreme environments, Vision X has a lighting solution with a vibration rating to meet your needs.

Vision X lights are testing using a vibration testing table with vibration ratings from 8 Grms up to an industry leading 60 Grms.  Brackets can be one of the first failure points and Vision X light ratings include the mounting bracket configurations of each light model.  


Vibration Ratings

Automotive Lighting Systems are tested in 3 axis direction with specified duration of acceleration power spectrum density (PSD G) and Harmonic Sweep g inputs defined on Automotive Manufacturer’s test specifications on the vibration shaker at the laboratory. At the end of these durability tests, there must not be any cracks, breakage on the lighting assemblies and their detail parts. 


Shock Ratings

A numerical value given to computer equipment to indicate its durability when physically dropped or subjected to another force. Shock rating is typically described as the acceleration of gravity (G) over a given time, typically a millisecond (msec). For example, a shock rating of 100-200 Gs/1 msec, equivalent to a drop of less than a foot, indicates that a device dropped from less than a foot will still operate as normal. A shock rating of 2,000 Gs indicates a device will operate after a 10-foot drop.

How do we do it?

Vibration Damping System

Our light mounts include engineered and field-tested rubber isolators matched to the light housings and mounting bracket for specific applications.   Eliminating metal on metal contact lessens vibration symptoms on; brackets, optics, electronics on circuit board and bolts.


Suspension Mounting System

Suspension mounting with isolated rubber shock mounts to provide vibration ratings up to 60Grms.