BWI Family of Brands


How did we get the reputation for being the most durable and rugged lighting products in the industry?  Simply by engineering durability into the product using the highest quality components available and extensive testing both in house and in the field.  No other lighting brand can match the durability or efficiency of Vision X Lighting products.

Chemical and Durability Testing

Salt Spray AS3715 2.5.10 (1000 hours and 12 months continuous exposure)

Humidity Resistance AS3715 Section 2.5.7 

Distilled water immersion -BS3900-F7 at 40°C (240 hours)



Vision X utilizes rugged die-cast and extruded 6061 aircraft quality aluminum housings designed for extreme conditions and are an integral part of the Vision X heat management system. The advance vertical design provides durability, vibration resistance that channel heat away maximizing the LED lifespan.


Marine grade anti-corrosive coating that imparts a low fiction wear resistant surface enabling them to remain unaffected by chemical environments.

Polyester powder coating designed for exterior environments offering excellent long term UV and weather resistance.


High Impact Lenses

Vision X uses super high impact polycarbonate lens covers that are up to 5 mm thick and can handle over 200 degrees before deforming.   The 92% optically pure lenses are coated with an anti-scratch coating and are also UV stabilized to ensure that they will not yellow over time.