prime drive for led efficiency

LED’s create internal heat that reduces the lifespan of the LED but more importantly decreases the LED output as temperature increases.  Bottom line is that poor heat management of the LED light causes light output to decrease the longer the light is powered on.

Vision X Prime Drive and Electronic Thermal Management (ETM) are specifically designed and engineered to maximize LED lifespan and provide a constant high output no matter how long the LED is used.  Using advanced PWM (pulse width modulation) technology the light output is maintained when ambient temperatures or input voltages change.


Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)

Vision X uses only 94% optically pure acrylic lenses to create optical beam available in 10, 25, 40, 60, 90 and Elliptical beam patterns. Vision X Targeted Lighting optics are designed to put light on the intended target.

Thermal Management

Thermal Management ETM

Vision X Iris reflector technology is engineered to maximize the output performance from a single LED. The Iris design uses a precise reflector that harnesses the full output of the LED to prove unparalleled distances and effectiveness. This provides usable light distances exceeding 3500 feet.


Advanced Vertical Convection Heat Sink Design

Vision X Lighting is IEC 62471 Photo Biologically tested to ensure no effect on human eyes or skin due to UV radiation.  Photobiological testing relates to the optical radiation effects of LED on human eye and skin. The test ensures that UV rays are within acceptable levels ensuring a safe work environment.