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Voltage fluctuations, spikes and polarity can adversely affect lighting creating degradation of LED output and lifespan. Integrated voltage protection from Vision X prevents these conditions to keep your vehicles and equipment operating safely and efficiently.

Through years of field-testing Vision X has engineered protection for the varying voltage conditions that can potentially damage LED lighting including Multi-Volt Input, Soft Start Technology and Reverse Polarity Protection.


Multi-Volt Input

Our industry leading multi-volt inputs prevents voltage spikes from damaging the light while also providing a wide range of equipment application that use different standard voltages.  Vision X light voltages range from as low as 9 volts up to 65 volts depending on the light model and application requirements. 


Soft Start Technology

Our soft start technology allows a gradual introduction of amperage onto the circuit over a 5 second period reducing the wear on associated components; starter, alternator and battery systems not to mention sensitive circuitry being used more and more.


Reverse Polarity Protection

Vision X lights will not sustain accidental damage if the polarity to the light is reversed by incorrect installation.  Eliminates light failures due to improperly pinned or polarity in harnesses.