Vision X Lighting solutions is looking into helping Van Cours Automotive increase their energy efficiency, reduce utility costs and improve light coverage at their shop location in South Hill, WA just outside of Tacoma.

By switching from old inefficient lighting technologies to Vision X premium LED lighting technology in 12 of its existing lighting fixtures, Van Cours will be able to save 13,100 kWh and $4,800 a year. The increase in energy efficiency will also prevent the release of 9 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year. Vision X LED technology also outputs 30% more light and provides better lighting coverage than the older technology currently in use.

About The Project
The Van Cours Automotive location is an auto detailng workshop located just outside of Tacoma, WA. In an effort to reduce energy inefficiency as well as improve light output and light coverage around the shop’s exterior Van Cours is interested in replacing its older fixtures with Vision X’s LED technology.

The Project At Hand
The lot on which the Van Cours Automotive store is situated covers nearly 61,400 square feet, a sizeable amount of which needs to be kept lit during nighttime hours for security purposes. Currently this task is being performed by inefficient 400 W fixtures mounted in wallpacks or on light poles adjacent to the street. All together the current fixtures consume about 21,000 kWh of electricity per year, which at typical Washington energy rates translates to about $5,500 a year.

Developing A Solution
To increase light output and thus security throughout the lot and alleviate the unnecessary costs being incurred at the Van Cours Automotive store, Vision X has developed a comprehensive lighting solution. All 12 of the old 400-watt fixtures will be removed and retrofitted with easy to install 150-watt LED systems. These LED fixtures are a plug-and-play solution that can be bolted onto existing fixture locations and plugged into existing hardware. A 3D rendering of the store was also prepared by Vision X to showcase what the upgrade would look like.

Energy and Cost Savings
All told the upgrade to Vision X’s LED technology would increase energy efficiency by 63% and reduce electrical consumption at the store by 13,100 kWh a year, which in turn will reduce utility costs by about $4,800 a year. The reduction of energy costs alone will result in the cost of the upgrade being recouped in just under one year, as well as producing $23,800 of total savings in 5 years

13,100 kWh, 9 tons of CO2 and $4,800 saved each year


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