Additional LEDs Fill In Roadway! LED Halo Serves As Daylight Running Light

June 3rd, Auburn, WA – Vision X Lighting, a leader in LED Lighting, is excited to announce the release of the VX Series 7″ Round DOT Approved LED Headlight, available in polished chrome and black chrome finishes. A LED Halo Ring Daytime Running Light composed of 30 LEDs surrounds the edge of the headlight, while IRIS Reflectors wrap around the high beam LEDs for long distance projection. Rated at 4,210 lumens each, the VX Series is dramatically brighter than factory headlights, providing superior performance in terms of road coverage and beam pattern.

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A common issue with aftermarket headlamps is lack of proper road coverage from low beams. After testing multiple different options to counteract that issue, Vision X implemented two LEDs with elliptical lens into the sides of the headlight housing. These LEDs fill in the road space between the vehicle and the low beam, creating a safer driving experience all around.

Additionally, the high beams on the VX Series utilize the same IRIS Reflector technology that’s used in the popular Light Cannon series from Vision X. These long-range reflectors help push the light from the high beam LEDs to surprising distances, where as the reflector for the low beam LED was engineered to produce a wide beam pattern to cover the entire roadway. Each beam is precisely positioned to keep light out of the eyes of traffic, ensuring they are unimpaired from the light. A High Four Adapter (P-HLHI4, 9895475) that engages both the low beam and the high beam at the same time is currently available for purchase, allowing VX Series owners to get extra output and increased visibility when using high beams.

Jeep JK Specific Kit – A direct plug-and-play kit for Jeep JK owners has also been released (Chrome: XIL-7RDKITJK | 9892733, Black Chrome: XIL-7RDBKITJK | 9892825), and includes a Canbus integrated into the light to remove electrical interference that may occur. This Jeep JK specific kit is available with either polished chrome or black-chrome finish, and has everything you’ll need to get your headlight up and running in no time.

Extended Lifetime Warranty – The VX Series LED Headlight comes backed by a limited lifetime warranty from Vision X. The sealed durable UV Resistant Polycarbonate Lens around the hybrid aluminum-polycarbonate housing means the VX Series is protected from debris and comes equipped with an IP rating of 68. The VX Series Headlight has been approved by the Department of Transportation with an E-Mark model also available. Any customer, no matter where they’re located, can enjoy their top of the line LED Headlights worry free.

Summary of Features:

  • Additional LEDs Fill In Roadway Between Driver & Low Beam
  • Bright LED Halo Ring for use as Daytime Running Light
  • DOT Approved Headlight Fixture (E-MARK Available)
  • High Four Adapter (Increased Visibility) Available
  • H6017 / H6024 Direct Replacement
  • Durable UV Resistant Polycarbonate Lens
  • 4,210 Lumens Each (8,420 lm kit)

VX Series 7″ Round LED Headlight