Vision X Lighting releases its latest Commercial-Industrial LED Product Catalog with industry-specific updates for municipality, construction, transport and support equipment markets.

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Vision X’s comprehensive 22-point LED Initiative Program goes far beyond industry standard sales and support. Their lighting fit outs educate and inform for correct product selection, placement and lighting output. “We provide on-site training of maintenance staff and consultation for new projects, maintenance schedules for proper replacement of equipment lighting, and safety standards for properly lighting work areas,” said Mike Judd, Mining/Industrial Manager.

More specifically, the Commercial-Industrial Catalog showcases LED lighting for:

  • Light Plant/Tower Conversions
  • Service Body Work Lighting
  • Road Work Equipment Lighting including Heavy Duty LED Beacons
  • Paver Construction LED Lamps
  • Combination LED Camera Lights
  • Semi-Truck Lighting Solutions including LED Headlights
  • Light Duty LED Lighting for multiple uses from Yellow Iron to Transport

For more than 20 years, Vision X has worked with PUDs and construction companies to develop equipment-specific configurations and fixtures (Engineered Lighting Solutions). Using the latest technology, coupled with their IP in engineering, companies have reduced substantial costs associated with unscheduled maintenance, potential injuries, and the construction industry’s footprint on the environment.