As you probably know I took a good tumble in the car back in March so leaving for Las Vegas would be the very first time the car would re start and load on the trailer since the accident. We arrived in Las Vegas around 2AM Friday morning to wake up at 6AM to check in at registration and make sure the car was ready to race. The car was having some idling issues on arrival and luckily the guys at Holley took car of me and were able to work out some bugs I went out to the first practice session and made a few laps and the car shut off but re fired, took the car back to the pit to look at what may have caused it. Looked through the car but didn’t find anything obvious at that point and put the car back together for qualifying. We went out to qualify and not 5 feet off the starting line the car died and would not re-start. After a few hours of digging we found a broken connector inside the wiring harness that powered the computer… pretty important wire. We fixed the wire and had to try qualify again Saturday morning. Saturday morning rolls around and I headed over to qualify and as I pulled up to the starting line I lost power steering and decided it wouldn’t be safe or smart to try to qualify so I pulled off and back to the pit. I had less than an hour to change the pump so I found a pump and scrambled to get it swapped out in the 95 degree desert heat, I have the burns to prove it.



I would finally be able to have a smooth qualifying run and qualified in 1st place which I was super excited about. Shortly after, I ran my 3 main events and ended up winning all 3. I was told my final race was the best race the crowd got to watch all day. I can’t count the number of times I was bicycling around the track on my way to the finish line. Once we got the bugs worked out the car was on rails the rest of the day. I can’t thank all of my sponsors enough for the support, you guys always believe in me so I do my best to return the favor. All in all, great weekend and we can’t wait until next year.

My next race will be the Ultra4 Stampede in Rancho Cordova, CA near Sacramento June 9th.