You just picked up one of the baddest trucks on the market, and it doesn’t even come with a factory fog light option!  How are you supposed to hit the trail at night, while using all of that awesome suspension and horsepower without seeing what’s ahead???  Wait no more, Vision X Optimus LED Fog light kit for 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor will have you seeing the trail with renewed confidence. This four 3” Optimus LED kit will shine up to 883’ of usable bright-white goodness from each 10 watt top-binned CREE LED while drawing only a total 3.33 amps of power, leaving you plenty of juice for bumping the stereo, winch, fridge/freezer or on-board air.

Don’t be surprised if you catch people breaking their necks as you drive by to see those LED Halos shining. The Optimus LED Halo’s smooth shining glow gives your Gen 2 Ford Raptor the added style it deserves, and now you can get the Halo style in Amber or White LED color. Slamming through the trails? No problem the 3” Optimus is manufactured from 6061 Aluminum, a sturdy trunnion bracket, and a shatter-resistant polycarbonate lens to take the beating we know you’ll give them.


  • Four 3” Optimus LED Lights
  • HALO & Non HALO Options
  • Iris Reflectors for up to 883’ of Usable Light
  • Simple, Fast Plug & Play Install
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Worried about installation? Don’t be, we’ve done the hard work to provide you with engineered no drill, bolt-on brackets and complete wiring harness to plug into your factory auxiliary switches.

Finally, when purchasing a Vision X light, we back you with a Lifetime Limited Warranty so you can sleep easy knowing that every dollar you spent is an investment in quality from the product down to the customer support.