XMC 4.5″ LED Passing Lamp Halo Upgrade Kit
Time to give your bike the upgrade it deserves. Vision X has created the ultimate LED passing lamp to out shine, out last, and out perform the competition. 

Vision X Lighting’s XMC 4.5” LED Halo Passing Lamp improves visibility and enhances your safety on the road. These powerful lights each pack five times more output than the stock passing lamps, and draw six times less amperage. Dramatically improve your performance while increasing visibility and safety. The MSR Style Reflectors give the XMC Passing Lights a powerful beam pattern than combines distance with full spread coverage.  VIEW OPTIONS / BUY NOW


  • Daytime Running Halo
  • Chrome and Black Chrome Finish
  • 5x Brighter Than Stock Passing Lamps
  • Ultra Bright 10W Cree LEDs
  • MSR Reflector Technology creates a Smooth Beam

LED Halo Ring
The XMC 4.5″ LED Passing Lamp Halo Series from Vision X features an immensely bright LED Halo around the outer edge of the Reflector. With a separate wire, you’ll be able to connect the Halo as a daytime running light, additional indicator lighting, or anything else you can imagine.


Why stop at Passing Lamps…..
Complete your motorcycle LED lighting system with the brightest and smoothest lighting available from our XMC Series LED Headlights. Available in 7” and 5.75” sizes with Chrome or Black Chrome finishes for most popular motorcycles including, Harley Davidson and Indian.

Don’t forget, when purchasing a Vision X light, we back you with a Lifetime Limited Warranty so you can sleep easy knowing that every dollar you spent is an investment in quality from the product down to the customer support.