When it comes to comparing a product as comprehensive as our VX Series LED Headlights its easy to become overwhelmed. The VX LED Series is already by definition a 7” round headlight upgrading meaning it can fit into any vehicle with a 7” mount. From Jeep, to classic cars, and even motorcycles the VX Series covers it all and was engineered to cover the DOT regulations of all 50 states to boot. What makes the VX LED Series light so special however is the amount of diversity you can get built into the Headlight itself.


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VX LED Low Beam

Vortext Headlight - Low Beam

The Low beam is great for standard city driving. You can see this pair of VX LED lights put off a clean bright light and uses additional LED lights to fill in additional areas of the roadway


VX Low Beam + Optimus Fog lights

Low Beam + Optimus

This image shows us using both the VX LED Low beam from the prior picture as well as a pair of our Vision X 3.7″ Optimus fog lights. We see the same great coverage from the low beams but the added Optimus provides increased ground coverage. We offer a number of fog light kits as well including Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Toyota Tundra, Dodge Ram, Ford Superduty, Ford Raptor, Jeep JK.



VX LED High Beam

High Beam

The VX LED high beams pierce through the night sky. We see the street signs reflecting the light at a longer distance, you can see much farther up the road and even of the road on either side is well light. Great for driving the back roads through deer country



VX LED Series Low and High Beam Using The HI-4 Module

Low Beam + High Beam (High 4)


The standard VX LED light can be further advanced with the HI-4 Module. This Module allows both the low beam and high beam to shine simultaneously.



VX LED Low Beam Optimus Fog Light and 4.5″ Light Cannons

Low Beam + Optimus + Light Cannons

This image is a great example of how the Vision X light Family plays well together. As we have seen previously this picture shows the VX LED headlight paired with the 3.7″ Optimus fog lights but for increased range we have added two 4.5″ Light Cannons on A-Pillar Mounts.