Discount Tire Co. – RESQ1


Vision X Lights Up One of the Baddest Jeep Builds of the Year

The Field Service Vehicle is equipped to offer convenient “air ups” at the end of epic trail rides, like Moab, as well as offer emergency repairs including dismount-style tire patching.

In addition, RESQ1 is a fully capable vehicle both on- and off-road. Built by Mel Wade of Off Road Evolution in Placentia, California, RESQ1 is more than a branded show vehicle, it delivers the service and capability that every one of Discount Tire’s 850 stores nationwide delivers. In collaboration with the staff of Jp Magazine and the entire Source Interlink Media off-road truck group brands, RESQ1 offers those in need solutions to get back on the road or trail. Get branded by the RESQ1 Field Service Vehicle in 2013 as it participates at the following events: