Jami Pellegrino :

Jami Pellegrino, the oldest of Tony Pellegrino’s two sons, looks to carry on the family racing tradition as he competed at his first Ultra 4’s King of the Hammers event flying under his fathers company flag; GenRight Off Road. Born and raised in Southern California, Jami grew up riding motocross, racing downhill mountain bikes, and BMX which comes as no surprise being the son of a long time off road enthusiast. Sharing the same passion as his dad, Jami works as Graphic Designer / Video / Photographer at the GenRight headquarters. This past King of the Hammers Jami didn’t have the finish he was looking for due to a massive hardware malfunction on mile 100 of 116 which caused the rear shock to break off and the rear axle shaft to be severely damaged. Beyond repair, the crippled RZR was out of the race with a mere 16 miles left in the race. That did not discourage Jami and the GenRight racing team as they are now more prepared and more hungry then ever as they get their UTV race ready for the upcoming 2017 Ultra 4 King of the Hammers.

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