The Man Behind The Business

Tony Pellegrino is the founder and current President of GenRight Off Road, Inc. He can be frequently seen out on the trail or at any of the 42 different off-road events he travels to across the country each year. His passion for off-roading plays a key role in product development and the direction of the company.

After growing up riding and racing dirt bikes, Tony decided to make the transition to Ultra4 Racing, beginning with the King of the Hammers in 2010. The 700HP GenRight Ultra4 buggy rolls on 38.5″ Falken M/Ts, and suspended on King Coil Overs and quad bypass shocks.

The King Of The Hammers

In 2010, in his debut for KOH, he placed a respectable 14th. The following year, in the 2011 King of the Hammers, he placed 2nd, being outrun only by Shannon Campbell.

In GenRight’s fifth consecutive year at King of the Hammers Tony earned his second 2nd place finish, and he continues to eye a first-place victory as GenRight’s Research and Development team prepares for 2015. The precision, the quality and the dedication to nothing but the best is necessary on the race car and is our credo as a manufacturer. It’s in our nature and in our name that we are committed to doing things right.

Tony’s business philosophies are based on quality, confidence and an unsurpassed attention to detail. GenRight’s goal is to provide consumers with a product that is engineered to perfection. When someone buys a GenRight product, they are using the same product that gets designed, refined, race proven, and trail tested endlessly. You can see more pictures, and connect with Tony on his Facebook page.

Tony is an active member of SEMA, Cal4 Wheel, CORVA and the Blue Ribbon Colition. Tony is also active in the battle for public land that is currently available to OHV enthusiasts.

Tony Pellegrino stands beside the revamped #4485 700hp buggy that will be competing at the 2015 King of the Hammers. With multiple 2nd place finishes, Tony is a favored competitor to hold the fast time.

Tony_PG_2 Tony Pellegrino and his co. driver caught ripping it through the desert in 2012.


2015 King Of The Hammers

Tony Pellegrino Intense Crawling