Wickham Racing : Family Duo

We are a family Ultra4 team based out of Hagerman, Idaho. We will be competing in the Ultra4 Legends/4800 class for our 2nd full season in 2016. We have strong roots in recreation off roading and rock crawling. Our whole family goes off-roading together, which consist of 5 jeeps in our 3 generations of family with another coming up. We have been off-roading for about 11 years now and a few of our jeeps have competed in local rock crawling events and placed very high. Our Ultra4 legends class buggy was completed 2 weeks before the 2014 Ultra4 Nationals race where we finished 2nd in class. Brothers Kyle and Jade drive and co-drive while our dad and family friends provide pit support.



 Ultra 4 Stampede Finish Line

 Rolling up to the Race