The Key to Vision X’s ongoing success, unmatched quality, valuing customer input, and performance is our team of world-class engineers who have taken outlandish concepts from conception and put them into production. Our engineers are never afraid of re-examining products to find ways to better serve customers. Since its conception, Vision X has listened to the end user and put their ideas into action to further the quality, performance, and functionality of all vision X products.

Product Testing


All products are put on a digital power meter to test that it is consuming the correct amount of power, checking for any electrical faults.


Products are tested in a sealed chamber to ensure that they don’t introduce RF noise into electronics/radios.


Submersion and Aging1

Once products are assembled every product is run through a submersion (water dunk test), then placed onto an aging rack and powered up for 30 minutes to ensure proper operation.

Thermal Impact Rapid Temperature Change1

Thermal Impact Rapid Temperature Change
Products are placed in a -40°C chamber for 30 minutes, and then placed in a 80°C chamber for an additional 30 minutes. Products are then run for 72 hours to ensure full operational status.

Photometric Isolux Beam Pattern1

Photometric Isolux Beam Pattern
Lights are tested in the Goniophotometer to model the beam pattern and depict the overall light output.

High temp and High Humidity Operational1

High Temperature & High
Humidity Operational
Products are placed in a 60°C, 94% humidity chamber and left operational for 72 hours. Afterwards, products are inspected for moisture, water drops, damaged LEDs, flickering LEDs, and more.

Ingress High Pressure1

Ingress High Pressure IP69K
Products are sprayed from close distances with 80~100 BAR water pressure to verify the Ingress Protection rating, ensuring they are sealed properly.



Vibration 15.6 G rms Rating
Products are placed on the vibration shock table with a vibration range of 25.6G for 4 hours to test that they can withstand the rated vibration standard. Products tested at 60 G rms are performed off-site.

Long term Durability1

Long Term Durability
Products are then switched on and off 20,000 times repeatedly to ensure that they remain functional after all testing.