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35 Watt HID

The 35 Watt HID Series features a 35 Watt Ballast giving you 3,500 Lumens of Raw Light. The 35 Watt Series has a start up amp draw of 4.8 Amps and running amp draw of 2.92 amps, much lower than the 8.3 Amps of a standard halogen light.

Internal Ballast & Starter

The ballast takes the standard 12v input power and increases this to the 12,000V the bulb operates at and the starter is used to ignite the bulb. Vision X uses all internal components for an all-in-one package.

Universal Mounting

Single stud mounting provides easy, single bolt mounting. The HID Series comes with nylock nutes to ensure vibration does not cause loosening over time.

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