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Round Halogen Sealed Beam
  • Round Halogen Sealed Beam
  • 5-75-7-round-halogen-sealed-beam
  • 5-75-7-round-halogen-sealed-beam
  • 5-75-7-round-halogen-sealed-beam

Headlight Replacement Bulbs
Over time headlight bulbs dim, long before they burn out. Vision X provides three lines of headlight replacement bulbs to best suit your needs. Our bulbs are superwhite, not the standard orangy-yellow color, for a more natural light color that increases visibility, provides for better depth perception, and reduces eye fatigue. We offer bulbs for not only automotive, but also for bikes, ATV/UTV, and snow mobiles.

Direct Replacement
Increase brightness by up to 50% with the Vision X headlight bulbs. Vision X headlight bulbs provide a superwhite, more natural light for increased visibility and safety. With three lines to chose from, we offer the perfect mix of cost and performance for any driver.

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