Colored Covers
With four different color options each with a different specific use. Red is designed to reduce light temperature and glare back to enhance penetration in dust and air particulate. Yellow is designed for foggy conditions by reducing the amount of blue light. Blue covers increase the light distance when used in snow by reflecting the blue light off the snow. Clear is used to protect against dust and debris.

Beam Covers
Five different beam options and 1 black out cover allow you to take your light and turn it into 21 different lights. A Euro cover creates a flat, horizontal beam designed to light peripherals while maintaining distance. A Flood cover is used for low-speed, vertical trail flood beam lights the road to the tree tops. Wide flood is a low-speed, horizontal flood beam gives a wide blanket of light. An Elliptical beam creates distance and spread while limiting periphery lighting for driving in traffic. Spot lens is a protective clear cover that stops particulate from damaging the lights.

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1 review for Optimus Round Polycarbonate Light Covers

  1. 5 out of 5


    Any of these lenses you choose will certainly enhance every aspect of the visual abilities for the situation you are tackling!!

    Speaking from experience:

    It is Friday October 20th 2017, I was recently caught in the hurricane that hit Houston. While going out and helping people recover their vehicles/ belongings I used amber colored lens for my 6.7 Canons, it was absolutely phenomenal. The 6.7 cannons with the certain patterned lenses in the amber color I chose made it possible for me to see what I was doing and where I was going through the heavy rain and through the fog, and my 50-inch light bar on the top made it completely possible to see everything that I needed to see down the way and upfront. As for reverse Vision X is on the back of my truck as well so I had no problem seeing and the lights work underwater. All-in-all I believe visionex completely saved the day and came through in the hurricane!!!

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