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New Ways to Mount and Secure Your Lights

The security hardware from Vision X comes in several standard metric sizes to fit most lights, but is also a suitable upgrade for any matching size metric hardware. Security nuts secure the mount of your light to the vehicle, by adding security nuts to the base bolt and any base assembly bolts lights cannot be removed without the specially designed key. All security nut items include (2) security nuts and (1) keyed socket tool. All security bolt items include (2) security bolts and (1) keyed allen wrench tool. See table below for security hardware applications.

Nut Application Chart
Size Application
M6 UF32 – SP100 – S1100 – MX Solo –
DuraM460 – PX – LPX
M8 4.7″ Cannon – Optimus
M10 8.7″- 6.7″ – 4.5″ Cannon –
Dual Optimus – TPX Series
M12 Any M12 Mounting Hardware


Bolt Application Chart
Size Application
6×15 L Bracket for XPR – XPI
6×20 Horizon Series
8×15 Optimus Series, DURA Series
8×20 Any M8 x 20 Bolt
8×25 Any M8 x 25 Bolt


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