LED, HID, Halogen Technology

LED simple

Light-Emitting Diode (LED)

Vision S offers a variety of LED’s in different color temperatures based on
applications. LED lights do not use a bulb making them much more durable
and require less energy.

 LED int, amp, lum
HID simple

High Intensity Discharge (HID)

Vision X HID lighting runs at a 5000k temperature for a super white beam
color. HID lights require a bulb, starter, and ballast to operate. They have
higher output per wattage than Halogen bulbs

 HID int, amp, lum
Halogen simple


Vision X offers a number of different Halogen Lighting option. The
Tungsten-Halogen series uses an oversized globe and specially
engineered filament to enhance light output. Vision X offers many
headlight replacements.

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