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4" x 6" Halogen Work Light
  • 4" x 6" Halogen Work Light
  • 4-x-6-halogen-work-light
  • 4-x-6-halogen-work-light
  • 4-x-6-halogen-work-light

Oversized Glass Globe

The oversized glass globe used in the proprietarty Vision X Tungsten-Halogen bulb provides better light output while dissipating heat better for a longer lifespan.

Heavy Duty Housing

Made with a high impact nylon housing for a light weight, economical housing that provides strength and durability. A hardened borosilicate glass lens defends against oncoming debris and rocks while cutting down on lost stray light.

Universal Mounting

Single stud mounting provides easy, single bolt mounting. The HID Series comes with nylock nutes to ensure vibration does not cause loosening over time.

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