Single LED CG2 Light Cannons take lighting to uncharted territory with incomparable distances.  The industry-leading Luminous Big Chip LED and Iris Reflector throws a violent blast of light that penetrates the night up to 3,000 feet. If you need superior distance from your lighting, this is the solution.



Advanced circuitry and aluminum heat sink design ensures maximum light output during sustained periods of use.


The Deutsch plug ensures the functionality of every Light Cannon even in the harshest conditions.


Steel trunnion mount provides 45° of lighting adjustment and secured by a robust 4-bolt locking system.


Each Light Cannon is 25 lights in one with the help of snap-on polycarbonate covers that can alter the beam pattern and change the color of the Cannon. Tackle any weather condition with the proper color cover or quickly change your spot cover to a flood cover for a wider beam when necessary.

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    Upon receiving and opening up my new Vision X Gen 2 Light Cannons, I immediately noticed the all new packaging which was a nice additional from previous packaging. I also noticed the new Gen 2 lights have a new C style mounting clamp along with upgraded heavy duty wiring. Once I got these beautiful lights wired up, I immediately switched them on and even during the day I could tell these were going to be MUCH brighter than my Gen 1 lights. I was finally able to get them on during the night and was stoked with how much output these new Gen 2 lights put out. I wont ever have an issue seeing any night with these lights.

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About the 4.7" CG2 LED Light Cannon CG2 Light Cannons are the ultimate light for blasting through the night with a powerful Spot driving beam pattern. These coupled with Multi-LED Cannons and there is nothing left in the dark. Two Light Kit Available CG2 LED Light Cannons are available in a Two Light Kit that includes two 4.7" Cannons, a dual wiring harness for easy electrical setup, and an installation guide to help you get your Cannons hooked up. The two light kit adds an additional 6,000 raw lumens to your build, bringing the total effective lumens on the ground to 4,200. Vision X also offers mounting kits for various different applications to fit your needs. Polycarbonate Covers Polycarbonate Covers allow various patterns of light distribution, including Spot, Euro, Combo, Flood, Wide Flood, or Elliptical beams. Each of these beam patterns is also available in a variety of tints, including amber, red, blue, or clear. A Black Out "Vision X" logo cover is also available for added protection when your lights are not in use. All covers are created from a high-grade polycarbonate material that adds some extra protection to your 4.7" CG2 Light Cannon.