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Cube Shockwave Single LED Panel
  • Cube Shockwave Single LED Panel
  • cube-shockwave-single-led-panel
  • cube-shockwave-single-led-panel

Cube LEDs
The Cube LED Shockwave pairs Vision X Lighting’s new Cube LED technology with the durability and versatility of the Shockwave series. The Shockwave is available in 1, 2, 3, and 4′ lengths and in single and dual panel designs for various application needs. The single panel Shockwave provides a 180° and the dual a 210° beam spread for optimal flood lighting. Each 1′ panel on the Shockwave single or dual is equivalent to a single 4′ fluorescent or standard LED tube.

Cube LED Technology
The new Cube technology from Vision X Lighting features direct 48V DC lights specifically designed to be paired with a high performance LED driver to offer 90-230V AC input. Reduced electronics enable higher efficiency and less heat for a consistently longer life span. Cube LEDs are not designed for use with an optic, but rather deliver a 180° beam spread independently for even distribution of illumination.

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