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100’ Submersible
Submersible up to 100 feet, the Subaqua offers a powerful LED light module for underwater applications. The 6 LED model offers double the effecitve light output of the previous 4 LED generation Subaqua. Designed for transom lighting, dock lighting and any underwater application.

Additionally, the Subaqua is outfitted with a 4 foot marine-grade cable that will not only ensure durability, but also make installation a breeze.

25 Degree Beam

Utilizing a medium beam 25 degree optic the Subaqua has optimum underwater operation.

4″ Round

In a compact 4.13″ diameter the 6 LED Subaqua fits anywhere.

Low Power Consumption
All boat owners know that battery efficiency can be an issue on the water with all of the electronics on todays boats. With an extremely low power draw of less than an amp, the Subaqua will not put a large strain on your boat battery.

Colored LEDs
The Subaqua is available in Amber, Red, Blue, Green and White LEDs to match your needs.

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Series Information

The first-ever Light Cannon LED light by Vision X Lighting, takes automotive lighting technology to extraordinary lengths by shining over 1000 feet of usable light from a single LED. The intense 10 degree spot pattern Light Cannon is also like having 20 lights in 1! It enables optional Snap on polycarbonate cover filters to quickly change the beam pattern from Spot to Euro, Elliptical, Wide Flood or Trail Flood, while the colored filters (Clear, Blue, Amber, or Red) can improve visibility in various conditions. The universal single bolt mounting accompanied by an available wiring harness, provides a quick, traditional installation on a multitude of applications. XIL-U525A, XIL-U525B, XIL-U525G, XIL-U525W, XIL-U525R