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Available in 8 Pod Kits
Tantrum kits are the ultimate strobe system on the market, featuring one of a kind LED pods that have lead the Tantrum kits to become popular for way more than just LED strobe kits for your car. Today Tantrum kits are found on the trails of Moab mounting to rock crawling jeeps, the dunes of Arizona for night time illumination where 55 watt fog lights used to be the norm, and in the Baja 1000 providing working light for night time repairs.

Powerful LED Pods
Each pod with 15 LEDs, with a life span of 50,000 hours. The LED pods are weatherproof to perform in adverse weather conditions. Whether on the dunes, on the rocks, or anywhere in between, LED pods are the perfect lighting solution.

Plug and Play
The Vision X LED pod is easy to install, coming with a 10′ cord with a simple 2 wire install.

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