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Extend Your Lighting
Everyone knows whoever has the most light output on the front of their ride typically takes point when riding with friends. The Vision X Winch Mounts provide you with the perfect opportunity to squeeze in extra lumens. Combine the mounts with an XIL-LPX910 and enjoy almost 5,000 more lumens.

Rock Solid
Our goal with the Winch Mounts were to make them capable of surviving roll-overs, bumper collisions and anything else that could potential destroy a winch on the trail. Crafted from heavy duty steel, you’ll rest easy knowing that the mount will be there for years to come.

6″ & 10″ Mounts
The Winch Mounts come in two different sizes, a smaller 6″ bracket for winch fairleads with a capacity of 1500-4500 pounds, and a larger 10″ for large-scale winchs that can pull upwards for 4500 pounds.

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