Road Glide LED Headlights
The 5.75″ Oval XMC Headlight is a direct swap for 2004-2013 Harley-Davidson Road Glide motorcycles. Installation is quick and easy, letting you get back on the road to enjoy your new LED headlight.

Pinnacle Of Excellence
The XMC Headlight was engineered to deliver optimal road coverage. With additional LEDs that fill in the space between the vehicle and the peak of the beam, the XMC Headlight makes riding a safer experience for everyone on the road.

DOT Certified Driving Light
Take your Vision X XMC LED Headlight anywhere without worrying. Every part of the headlight has been approved and certified by the DOT in all states. There’s also E-MARK and ADR models available, just in case you are from another corner of the globe.


Accessories – Improve Performance

Item # Part # Purpose QTY
P-HLHI4 9895475 Engages all three beam modes simultaneously to dramatically increase visibility and light output 1
P-HLCBA 9892757 Levels electrical current to remove electrical interference from vehicle and eliminate flickering in the light 1

vortext addon high4vortex addon clean




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