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Motorcycle LED Bagger Kit
  • Motorcycle LED Bagger Kit
  • motorcycle-led-bagger-kit
  • motorcycle-led-bagger-kit
  • motorcycle-led-bagger-kit

40″ Power Cord With Flush Switch
The XMC Bagger Kit comes with a 40 inch power cord and a small flush mounted circular switch that controls both lights.

Trunks, Bags, Saddles & More
The small 2.7″ diameter housing allows the Bagger Kit to fit in almost any compartment. Everything you need is including in the packaging, installation is quick and easy!

0.33 Amp Draw @ 12V
It’s no secret that motorcycles don’t have the most electrical power available. The Bagger Kit only uses 0.33 Amps so your bike will barely notice it!


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