About the Xmitter Low Pro Xtreme
The Low Profile Prime XP is compact with a height of only 2.06″ for a universal fit with double the light output of the 3 watt Low Profile Bar. The Low Profile Prime XP Series also makes use of Prime Drive Technology which manages heat levels to prolong the life of the LEDs.

Electronic Thermal Management
ETM monitors the heat output of the LEDs and makes use of integrated Pulse Width Modulation circuitry in order to maintain safe operating temperatures in order to prolong the LED life span to its full 50,000 hour potential.

Pulse Width Modulation
The Low Profile Xmitter Xtreme utilizes integrated Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) dimming circuitry to manage heat levels. PWM works by flashing the LED at a frequency faster than the human eye can detect, reducing the time that the LED is operating while still delivering 100% light output.

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    You have turned darkness into day! In October I will have been on nightshift for 11 years of my 31 year career. I drive through the White River elk herd’s grazing grounds at least twice a night, when the 70 plus herd seems to be most active. During the 10 plus years I have hit 4 elk, killing one and totalling my car, and almost my life as well. Nothing will stop your heart faster, than seeing 20 plus cows, trotting down the fog line, usually all in a row heading to a local apple orchard. Praying none decide to cross the road, as you drive inches past them. Not to mention the countless near misses over the years. I also during this time hit 3 deer and early on Valentine’s day morning 2012 one of a pair of beautiful twin fawns, following their mother across the road, they came out of nowhere. That one still ruins Valentine’s day for me. I’ve spent countless dollars trying to improve my headlights over the years, to no avail…

    Until August 21, 2019 when I stopped in at Van Cour’s on South Hill Puyallup and discussed with Larry my dilemma. He looked at several options, before he said I have just what you need, only to ne used when no vehicles are approaching.

    The 20″ Xmitter Lo-Pro mixed LED light bar has transformed my drive to work instantly. The peace of mind I have had in the past week is hard to put into words. I’m hooked on Vision X, and to top it off, they are a local company from Auburn Washington.

    Went back at 9am this morning to have Chance, one of his top installers, install a pair of DURA Minn 2.75″ LED’s for backup lights. Like a kid at Christmas, I can hardly wait for darkness tonight to see how they are going to light up the night when I back into my driveway. Thank you Vision X and Larry at Van Cour’s on South Hill. Vision X will be taking care of all my lighting needs, I am sold on your product.

    And feel I’ll make it safely to my retirement in a few short years. Friday I will be putting my light bar to the test on Skate Creek Rd. taking the backroads to Packwood’s annual Labor Day weekend swap meet.

    PS I’ll leave a comment on the DURA mimi’s once I’ve tried them out.

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