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XPL Polycarbonate Light Bar Covers
  • XPL Polycarbonate Light Bar Covers
  • xpl-polycarbonate-light-bar-covers
  • xpl-polycarbonate-light-bar-covers
  • xpl-polycarbonate-light-bar-covers

Protect And Advance
Easily add extra protection to any of our XPL Series LED Light Bars. With the addition of a Polycarbonate cover, you can rest assured that your light bar will have extra strength against the elements, and continue to look as good as it did the day you pulled it out of the box.

Offroad In Mind
The Polycarbonate covers offered from Vision are ideal for Offroad enthusiast. When you and your friends start kicking up dust, make sure you have an Amber cover over your light bar so that the light penetrates through the dust particles and helps you see what lies ahead. Need to cover your light bar in compliance with your state’s laws? No problem. Our blackout cover

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