About the 6.7″ ADV Light Cannon Series
Combining the superior distance of Iris Reflector technology with the spread of Elliptical optics the ADV Light Cannon series shines a powerful combo driving beam that is optimal for all terrains. Coupled with a smooth back-lit halo and a robust 4-bolt steel trunnion bracket the ADV Light Cannon Series was engineered to out shine and out last the competition.

Two Light Kit Available
LED Light Cannons are available in a Two Light Kit that includes two 6.7″ ADV Light Cannons, a dual wiring harness for easy installation, and an installation guide to help you get your ADV Light Cannons hooked up. The Two Light Kit adds an additional 8,560 raw lumens to your build, bringing the total output to 17,120 raw lumens of light saturation to light up even your darkest ventures.

Polycarbonate Covers
Polycarbonate Covers allow various patterns of light distribution, including Spot, Euro, Combo, Flood, Wide Flood, or Elliptical beams. Each of these beam patterns is also available in a variety of tints, including amber, red, blue, or clear. A Black Out “Vision X” logo cover is also available for added protection when your lights are not in use. All covers are created from a high-grade polycarbonate material that adds some extra protection to your 6.7″ ADV Light Cannon Series.

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    I installed these lights on a customer’s vehicle this past week and as always Vision X keeps raising the bar on quality and performance. These lights were unbelievably bright and the glowing back drop hooked in to the park lights was really cool. Only was able to test them in shop but with shop lights off and 6.7s on my toolbox was so bright you couldn’t look at it and spread pattern to sides was amazing.

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