About the 6.7″ Light Cannon
The Vision X 6.7″ Light Cannon uses a single source 50-Watt LED and advanced IRIS reflector technology to place it at the top of its class for single source LED lighting. The Light Cannon utilizes a focused beam pattern to provide an amazing 2,500 feet of usable light, and is housed in a robust black aluminum polycarbonate hybrid housing for long lasting durability even in the most rugged conditions. The Light Cannon comes standard with an extended warranty, single wiring harness, and a multi-volt 9-32V DC input.

Two Light Kit Available
LED Light Cannons are available in a Two Light Kit that includes two 6.7″ Light Cannons, a dual wiring harness for easy installation, and an installation guide to help you get your Light Cannons hooked up. The Two Light Kit adds an additional 2,500 raw lumens to your build, bringing the total output to 5,000 raw lumens of light saturation to light up even your darkest ventures.

Polycarbonate Covers
Polycarbonate Covers allow various patterns of light distribution, including Spot, Euro, Combo, Flood, Wide Flood, or Elliptical beams. Each of these beam patterns is also available in a variety of tints, including amber, red, blue, or clear. A Black Out “Vision X” logo cover is also available for added protection when your lights are not in use. All covers are created from a high-grade polycarbonate material that adds some extra protection to your 6.7″ Light Cannon.





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  1. 5 out of 5


    For the past three months, I’ve researched online reviews and compared other light kits side by side and finally purchased a pair of 6.7 inch and 4.5 inch LED Light Cannons from my local car audio shop. The housing construction is very robust. Not many mainstream long distance/auxiliary light manufacturers compare in quality (high quality). Both light kits produce MORE than enough light and illuminate sections of road not seen with car headlights; impressive! They are so bright, I have to temporarily turn off the lights when approaching road signs. The reflection is too bright. The Light Cannons pay dividends on the dark roads between Coldfoot, Fairbanks, Denali, and Anchorage!! I recommend purchasing the optional snap-on covers to protect the poly carbonate lens. The lens are subject to debris damage while driving. The downside with the lights is cost. At least basic lens covers/protectors should be included with the kit considering the premium price being paid. Overall, I recommend the lights.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I now prefer driving at night. I never imagined this before. My 75 series 4.2D land cruiser p/up feels it too. Awesome!!! Got them from LA Sport, Pretoria -:)))

  3. 5 out of 5


    First of all, I had installed 4 @ 4.5″ lights on a light bar on the front of my 2005 Silverado HD2500 diesel. What a difference in night driving!! Then, the unthinkable happened. Someone decided they needed my lights more than I did and they were stolen. Lesson learned…..WELD all brackets, bars, nuts and bolts to ensure the lights cannot be removed without a grinder!!! I am now installing 2 @ 4.5″ on each side and 2 @ 6.75″ in the middle on the same bar. I’ll let you know shortly how much of an improvement the 6.75 are !! Have a great day 🙂

  4. 5 out of 5


    This past weekend I attended the Overland Expo outside of Flagstaff in my ’81 FJ40, which I have owned for 27 years and have been modifying over the past year-and-a-half. The event was great, but the winds on Friday and Saturday were pretty intense — 30-to-50mph both day and night.

    I camped at the Expo next to a couple who brought a large teepee, and when I say large I mean that it stood approximately 16 feet tall with a floor radius of 25′ or so. The winds were building by Saturday morning, so the couple decided to take the teepee down before even higher winds kicked in during the day, and they enlisted the help of several us who were camped nearby.

    We helped “roll off” the canvas wrap, then fold it. A few minutes later a large gust of wind blew over the still-standing support poles – directly toward four of us standing in between the teepee and my truck. Five poles landed on my truck. Three of those poles fell directly on the 6.7″ Light Canon positioned at the left front corner of my roof rack. Everyone was in a brief state of shock, first because it happened so fast none of us had more than a split second to act, and second because no one got clocked – thankfully! Once we realized everyone was OK, the attention turned to my truck with the expectation there was going to be damage of some kind, as these poles were big (roughly five inches in diameter), heavy and hard. I watched the poles hit that light, and I was sure the it would be damaged in some way. Everyone else did too.

    I climbed up on the side of truck expecting the worst only to discover there was not a scratch, not even a mark on my VisionX light. What’s more, the light wasn’t even budged from its position. Recalling the image of those poles falling toward my truck and landing squarely on the light still makes me wince, but I grin thinking about the hit my VisionX Light Canon took without even a mark.

    Pulling those lights out of the box I could tell they are high quality pieces of equipment. Seeing what they withstood first hand, I am totally sold on your products.

    Thank you, VisionX,

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