About the Snow Plow Light Kit
The snow plow light kit from Vision X packs adaptability and performance into a slim and easily mounted solution. Each light has three different operation modes: high, low, and halo(daytime running lights) The XIL-7RDSPKIT was designed to be mounted above snow plow blades in order to help the operator see as much of the roadway as possible to ensure accurate removal of snow and slush.

Polycarbonate Covers
Polycarbonate Covers allow various patterns of light distribution, including Spot, Euro, Combo, Flood, Wide Flood, or Elliptical beams. Each of these beam patterns is also available in a variety of tints, including amber, red, blue, or clear. A Black Out “Vision X” logo cover is also available for added protection when your lights are not in use. All covers are created from a high-grade polycarbonate material that adds some extra protection to your Snow Plow Light Kit.

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